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A wedding ring is not only for personal adornment; it’s also a symbol of love and devotion. Know your wedding ring and diamond facts before you make your purchase, it may save you thousands! is your source for wedding rings, wedding bands and diamond jewelry. We also offer information and resources to help you make an informed decision.

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Wedding Ring Myth:

Did you know that wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger because it was believed that the vein in that finger went straight to the heart? Nowadays, the tradition still exists even though modern medical technology has proven the belief wrong.

Diamond Buying Tips:

Here are some tips you can refer while buying the most sparkling and brilliant diamond that is suitable for your budget.

On the basis of the Diamond Cut

1-A well-cut diamond reflects more light, which means it sparkles more. Such diamonds appear larger than their actual size.

2-Always invest in a well-cut. Cut refers to a diamond’s refraction ability (sparkle). That is money well spent.

3-Diamonds that have been cut roughly do not reflect light properly, thus giving an appearance of being dull, with some areas being darker than the rest of the surface.

4-Higher cut grade diamonds will always be more expensive as they are extremely rare and near flawless.

Diamond Color

1-A larger diamond will have more pronounced color. Keep this in mind when buying a diamond of two carats or more.

2-Even though one level difference between grade of diamonds color such as G to H might be insignificant when viewed by the naked eye, the money you can save on them is pretty significant.

3-Yellow gold masks the color of the diamond. If you have a diamond color grade lower than H you can consider yellow gold in order to mask the color. If you have a diamond color grade higher than H we advise you to choose a platinum or white gold setting to emphasize the color of your diamond.

4-The more brilliant the diamond more color it can mask. Therefore the color difference in a princess cut and round cut diamond would be less significant compared to other cuts.

Diamond Clarity

diamond engagement ring1-Most flaws cannot be noticed by the naked eye, so various grades will not be of great problem.

2-If you have monetary constraints and are unable to buy a flawless diamond, then you can settle for a diamond whose imperfections are well hidden by the manner in which it’s positioned beneath a ring prong.

3-The higher the carat of a diamond, bigger the facets of the diamond. Therefore the importance of buying a higher clarity becomes more important when you buy a bigger diamond.

Diamond Carat

1-Do not depend on the carat weight to give you a precise description or understanding of a diamond’s size. The measurement in millimeters across the top of a diamond, coupled with the cut grade, can give you a fairly accurate description of its size.

2-The rates of diamonds increase when they reach the full-carat and half-carat marks. So, in order to get a good enough diamond without having to pay a lot of money for it, buy diamonds that are a little below these marks.

Eg, you can buy a .97-carat diamond instead of a one-carat. The difference might not be visible to the naked eye, but you make remarkable savings.