Old World Romantic Bliss: A Wedding in Prague

With its stunning architecture, winding, cobbled streets and thousand-year-old history, Prague isn’t just a historic city, it’s one of the most darkly romantic cities on earth.

Some of the world’s most celebrated writers, musicians, and artists have hailed from this glorious place, and if you’re planning a wedding that revels in all things romantic and mysterious, this is the city that’ll make it happen.


To echo the aesthetics of the town and to evoke a true sense of romantic nostalgia, let’s use a simple, elegant palette of white, black, and red, with a strong rose theme echoed throughout. After all, blood red roses are the ones most closely associated with love, passion, and romance, and if you’re getting wed in this incredible city, your celebration will have love and passion written all over it.

If you’ll be doing a full, legal wedding in Prague, it’s important to ensure that you have all the paperwork necessary for doing so. Your best bet is to hire a wedding planner based in that city, as they’ll be able to give you ideas for wedding and reception venues, hotels, special places to visit, caterers, and musicians, and can also help you take care of all the tedious, paper-based stuff.

The Look

Take a cue from the past to put together your ensembles, and feel free to mix and match pieces from various eras: after all, the “Bohemian” style that is so very loved originated in this passionate land, and Prague is right at the centre of it.

If you happen to love the top hats of the Victorian era, the lace veils of the 1940s, the silhouettes of Rococo gowns, and the T-strap heels of the 1920s, feel free to combine all of them into an aesthetic that will be yours, and yours alone.

There are countless wedding gowns out there that incorporate gorgeous, black-and-white motifs. Sheaths and A-line gowns can look flattering on any figure, and a dress that either has two-tone damask, or an overlay of black lace over white silk or satin can look absolutely incredible.

A bouquet of red and white roses interspersed with poppies, black ostrich feathers, and pearls would look absolutely incredible, and you can continue the rose theme with crimson (or even rose accented) pumps, and even rosebud earrings. Alternatively, you can get yourself jet or Czech glass dangling earrings, and wear something rose-related in your hair. The aforementioned top hat with a veil would look stunning with a couple of silk roses stitched into it, or you can even just wear a fascinator that uses black feathers, roses, and pearls.


There are some gorgeous places for you to plan both your ceremony and reception, so it really comes down to your budget, the number of guests that will be attending, and the general aesthetic that you’re most drawn to. If you’re aiming for a castle wedding, look into the Pachtuv Palac or Troja Chateau.

Should you prefer a church ceremony, there are a number of Protestant and Catholic churches available: just ensure that you’re eligible to be married within them.

Even if you have a civil ceremony at the city hall, you can take full advantage of the city’s breathtaking architecture by having photos taken at some of the more popular locales, such as the old town square, Prague Castle, St. Vitus’ Cathedral, and the entrances to Charles bridge.

You can hire a horse-drawn carriage to take you from your hotel to the wedding venue, and be greeted by violinists and dancers upon your arrival. Prague is home to many interesting street performers, and you can likely round up several of them to perform for your guests while they’re waiting to enter the location, and if you really like them, they might be able to serenade you at your reception as well.


Let classic, regal charm from the Old World inspire you: lace, brocade, damask and silk work gorgeously together with textures like aged silver, and robust greenery.

Tables would look stunning decked out in white linens with black lace overlay, and for centrepieces, use staggered white candles of various sizes and shapes and bouquets of red roses with black feathers in them to mirror the bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaids.

For place card holders, consider little damask cubes to hold the cards, or little red ceramic roses that can double as favours for your guests.